Pilot ITS online training platform presented at Smart Mobility World 2017

On October 10, CAPITAL showcased its online training platform and courses on ITS and C-ITS at Smart Mobility World 2017 in Turin, Italy, for the very first time as it held its first ‘training day’.

A pilot version of the online training platform was presented at the event by project manager Manuela Flachi (ERTICO-ITS Europe) and host Leonardo Domanico (TTS Italia), where guests got to see some of the ITS and C-ITS training courses before the platform launches the courses in full later this year.

In its fifth edition, Smart Mobility World is an important exhibition dedicated to future mobility concepts and was an ideal opportunity to not only demonstrate what the CAPITAL project has achieved so far but to also collect feedback from its target audiences.

Throughout the day-long training session, participants were quizzed on their knowledge of ITS and C-ITS via the free online tool ‘Mentimeter’. By using the dedicated mobile phone app, participants could answer these questions live. The general results would then appear on screen and could be commented on.

The results helped drive debate in the different sessions and supported the speakers by providing a unique element of audience engagement. Speakers included Mr Domanico, Ms Flachi, Gennaro Ciccarelli (TTS Italia), Paolo Pagano (CNIT), Bruno Pezzuto (City of Verona) and Carla Messina (Italian Ministry of Transport).

Ms Messina’s participation was particularly valuable as she explained the importance of ITS and C-ITS for her Ministry, in general and at the national level in Italy. According to Ms Messina, the Ministry strongly supports initiatives such as the training days of the CAPITAL project to share knowledge and best practices. She also discussed specific rules and regulations on ITS and C-ITS at the national level.

In general the event was a great success as the audience and speakers were able to engage with each other effectively, prompting the vast majority of participants to remain at the training event for the entire day.


After the first pilot training programme, some participants took part in the first CAPITAL showcase, launched by FIA and in coordination with the Smart Mobility Organisation and the I_HeERO project.

TTS Italia brought participants to the external exhibition area of Smart Mobility World where IRU demonstrated how practical the eCall system for trucks is.

Participants showed a great deal of interest and asked several questions relating to safety benefits and how the cooperation between the different national actors involved in the eCall system works.


For images from this event, please see below:

Ms Messini (left) and Ms Flachi (right) disussing the CAPITAL projectAudience

Ms Messini (left) and Ms Flachi (right) disussing the CAPITAL project                                   Audience

Demonstrating the online training coursesThe I_HeERO demonstration truck

               Demonstrating the online training courses                                              The I_HeERO demonstration truck

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