CAPITAL launches questionnaire on Needs for ITS Training Programmes

The CAPITAL project has released a questionnaire to identify the needs and knowledge gaps for building tailor made training programmes on intelligent transport systems (ITS) and connected (C)ITS.

The project targets a wide range of actors from the public and private sectors and is supported by the C-ITS platform managed by the European Commission.

Objective of this questionnaire

This survey is designed especially for public authorities, transport operators and related service operators, ITS Associations and experts, each with different levels of knowledge. We also encourage people with little to no-knowledge of ITS to complete the questionnaire as we are interested in your (training) needs as an ITS starter. A short explanation of ITS is also included in this questionnaire.  

The main objective of this questionnaire is to identify the most crucial deployment priorities for ITS from the public's perspective, best-practice cases as well as major challenges that hinder further ITS deployment. At the same time, this questionnaire aims to identify the current level of ITS expertise and knowledge gaps in different topics which will help CAPITAL to assess specific training needs and priorities. Building on this information CAPITAL will develop tailor-made training modules and materials.

The main information gathered by this questionnaire includes:

  • Priorities within different ITS deployment topics/fields
  • Collection of best-practices and business models of your country/organisation
  • Obstacles hindering deployment
  • Existing knowledge gaps and training needs

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise! Your input will be used to develop further activities supporting the creation of an ITS-learning program to foster ITS deployment.

The completion of this questionnaire should only take about 10-15 minutes of your time and will remain open until 23rd of May 2017.

For questions on this questionnaire please contact: 
Katharina Zwick (


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