CAPITAL unveils online repository of best practices in ITS and C-ITS

CAPITAL project partners have collected best practices in ITS and C-ITS deployment from cities and public authorities across Europe and China and made the results available as a dedicated online resource to support deployment.

The experts of the CAPITAL project launched a call for best practices and collected results provided by a range of public authorities, representing a broad cross-section of communities involved in rolling out smart transport solutions. The results gathered are presented to the public as an ITS deployment transferability handbook in view of supporting decision-making for deploying ITS and C-ITS technologies.

The handbook is available as user-friendly online tool, where cases are presented on an interactive map, and accessible through a search engine: click here to discover it now.

Best practices collected from 15 countries and 32 cities in Europe and China represent efforts pursued at urban, regional and national levels, as well as cross-border initiatives, such as the NordicWay corridor. It covers large metropolises and European capital cities – Copenhagen, Vienna, Hamburg, Turin or Munich – as well as smaller urban areas and the major Chinese cities of Shenzen and Nanjing, each with their own challenges and issues, and the adapted solutions they pursued.

For each entry into the database, users are introduced to the area’s initial needs and challenges, followed by a description of the service or services provided, the stakeholders and communities involved, and the impact and takeaways from the deployment experience. Business models are also described, offering traffic managers a clear blueprint on how to locally replicate a successful roll-out, while summaries of hurdles and obstacles encountered during the design and deployment stages provide useful information and help with experience-sharing.

Following the conclusion of the CAPITAL project after three years of work, the partners involved in the consortium will keep the website active with new content and updates; and the material already collected will be used in training offered by the ERTICO Academy at

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