CAPITAL VR showcase at TRA 2018 a success

The CAPITAL project organised a new showcase at the Transport Research Arena in Vienna in April 2018, in collaboration with the C-Roads Platform.

The previously announced showcase took place from 16 to 18 April 2018 during the TRA Conference in Vienna.

Martin Böhm, General Secretary of the C-Roads platform, inaugurated the showcase with a presentation of the key elements of harmonised C-ITS deployment in Europe.

Harmonisation takes place on various levels throughout the whole service chain of C-ITS. A comprehensive approach as pursued by the C-Roads Platform must also involve the end users by explaining to them in a simple and entertaining way the beneficial impact that C-ITS can have on their daily driving. To achieve this, C-Roads makes use of a Virtual Reality application where users can get a hands-on feeling of how C-ITS services work.


The C-Roads VR demonstration showed a set of C-ITS Day-1 services that can be accessed by the users individually, allowing them to experience the benefits of applied C-ITS to comfort and road safety. In addition, the demonstration offered a “hover-over” perspective where users could see the information flow between traffic management centre, road side units and cars for each use case.

The demonstration was also showcased at the TEN-T Days in Ljubljana. The feedback from the vast amount of visitors was overwhelmingly positive, including from participants who have never heard of C-ITS before, as well as researchers, engineers, EU representatives, and ministers. The demonstration is built up on a modular concept that allows for further Day-1 services to be added, also in national context. As deployment progresses, Day-1.5 and Day-2 services can and will be demonstrated as well. In this way, the C-Roads Platform emphasises once more its holistic focus on harmonisation of C-ITS throughout Europe.

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