ITS Strasbourg Congress Round-up

From June 19-22, CAPITAL participated at the 12th European ITS Congress, in Strasbourg. CAPITAL was represented by a stand and will host two special interest sessions and a technical scientific session where a paper will be presented.

CAPITAL also supported a showcase by the CO-GISTICS project and guided tours for the UpTop Global Taxi Network - where participants were guided around the Congress and provided with specialised presentations by key projects in this sector.

For a brief wrap-up of the session, please read below:


PR01 - Training needs on new technologies for fleet managers and drivers

Coming under "Topic: 3. Transport networks evolution", Session PR01 on "Training needs on new technologies for fleet managers and drivers" focused on identifying the needs and requirements for developing better training tools and methods for fleet managers and drivers unfamiliar with ITS.

The session was organised and moderated by CAPITAL project consortium member Monica Giannini (IRU) who began by identifying which ITS technologies are currently available and the methods at their disposal to take advantage of these services. For example, Ms Giannini explained how IRU, as a provider of ITS services for end-users (truck, bus and taxi drivers), has identified new systems, such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), to develop a training programme for on road safety, in cooperation with Volvo. Ms Giannini also presented the CAPITAL project, it's goal and objectives to the ITS expert audience.

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SIS06 - Evolution of ITS Skills in relation to the European New Skills Agenda

Evolution of ITS Skills in relation to the European New Skills Agenda (SIS 06) was the first Session of the ITS Congress in which the CAPITAL project was present.

Given that the recent European Skills Agenda is in the list of major initiatives in the EU Commission Work Programme, this session aimed to provide an opportunity for researchers, industry and practitioners to discuss the future and the evolution of ITS skills, in which several experts from the public and private sectors presented examples of initiatives and best practices that may be implemented in the near future.

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SIS 32 - (C)ITS for public authorities

The session brought together public and private C-ITS stakeholders to discuss existing European initiatives dealing with the C-ITS deployment challenges.

The session was organised by CAPITAL project coordinator Manuela Flachi, moderated by Pedro Barradas from the European Commission (DG MOVE) and aimed mainly at raising awareness of initiatives focusing on C-ITS education, such as the CAPITAL project.

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TP0804 - C-ITS Deployment Programme Framework

Simon Edwards, from Newcastle University, presented a paper during the session on ‘Connected and automated transport’ about the C-ITS Deployment Programme Framework.

The paper outlines methods for raising awareness of C-ITS benefits through the provision of training and education. This is one of the main goals of the CAPITAL project – to design and deliver a collaborative capacity‐building programme supported by an online training platform offering training and education courses. This programme will provide training and further education for practitioners in the public and private sectors in the field of (Cooperative) ITS deployment and aims to address existing gaps between R&D and deployment.

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UpTop Tour

On day 2 of this year’s European ITS Congress, the CAPITAL project took part in the UpTop Taxi Network Tour. This was a unique opportunity for ITS experts to learn about and experience some of the ground-breaking initiatives, projects and companies changing the way people travel using the latest ITS technologies.

The UpTop Global Taxi Network was created by the International Road Transport Union (IRU) to promote legal, reliable, high quality and safe services to taxi customers by making use of the latest smartphone technology for taxis, in full respect of the regulatory framework in force.

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