Project CAPITAL comes to a conclusion at Final Event in Rome

After three years of work, the EU-funded project CAPITAL (Collaborative cApacity Programme on ITS Training-educAtion and Liaison) comes to an end with a Final Event in Rome. CAPITAL aimed to support public and private stakeholders in the implementation of ITS and C-ITS through training activities and by creating a collaborative capacity-building community.

The training day on 25 September was hosted by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in Rome, under the title ‘Creating a Smart City’. A team of experts from Italy but also the UK, Finland and Austria addressed topics ranging from traffic management technologies and smart roads to community-building for ITS & C-ITS, current trends and knowledge bases to be developed, and an overview of European Union funding made available for transport-related initiatives.

CAPITAL supports public and private stakeholders in the implementation of ITS and C-ITS through training activities: the event therefore provided guidelines for the implementation of ITS and C-ITS in cities, addressing Smart Road technologies and illustrating the cost and benefit aspects related to ITS and C-ITS.

Capacity-building and online training for ITS & C-ITS proficiency

CAPITAL engaged with stakeholders in ITS and establishing communities, assessing the capacity needs and knowledge gaps, developing educational and informational materials, and organising showcases while exploiting the collaborative capacity building programme.

The project has left a legacy that will provide valuable resources for public and private stakeholders who wish to learn more about ITS & C-ITS deployment. All interested parties can already find best practices collected within the project in the “Online Transferability Handbook”, an online tool presenting different ITS/C-ITS services (such as e-payment, e-ticketing, Mobility as a Service, or Road user charging) provided by cities, regions or corridors. Furthermore, the project’s 10 online training courses on ITS & C-ITS deployment will remain open to the public on the CAPITAL Online Training Platform.

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