Watch it again: Webinar on Lessons from ITS deployment in medium-sized cities

The recording of the fifth webinar of the CAPITAL ITS e-learning project is now available on Youtube:

This one-hour webinar is open to all with no prior requirement. It presents the lessons learnt from ITS & C-ITS deployments in two medium-sized European cities: Helmond (The Netherlands) and Vigo (Spain). Starting with a history of services deployed throughout the last decade, the webinar explores the objectives behind ITS introduction and the decision-making process, and looks at the concrete benefits of ITS & C-ITS services for both citizens and city governments, concluding with an estimate of current needs and challenges, before attempting to draw plans for the future.

By watching this webinar, you can expect to learn about: 

  • The evolution of the ITS deployment services implemented in these cities in the last decade – how did it start and why;
  • The concrete and clear benefits of ITS and (possibly) C-ITS services for the citizens and the cities;
  • The current needs, challenges and plans for the future.

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